Friday, September 11, 2009

By Prof. B.G. Jefferis, M.D., PH. D. and J.L. Nicols, A.M.

"Vice has no friend like the prejudice which claims to be virtue."—Lord Lytton.

"When the judgment's weak, the prejudice is strong."—Kate O'Hare.

"It is the first right of every child to be well born."


Chapter 1

* Knowledge is Safety
* The Beginning of Life
* Health is a Duty
* Value of Reputation
* Influence of Associates
* Self-Control
* Habit
* A Good Name
* The Mother's Influence
* Home Power
* To Young Women
* Influence of Female Character
* Personal Purity

Chapter 2

* How To Write All Kinds of Letters
* How To Write A Love Letter
* Forms of Social Letters
* Letter Writing
* Forms of Love Letters
* Hints and Helps on Good Behavior at All Times and at All Places
* A Complete Etiquette In A Few Practical Rules
* Etiquette Of Calls
* Etiquette In Your Speech
* Etiquette of Dress And Habits
* Etiquette On The Street
* Etiquette Between Sexes
* Practical Rules on Table Manners
* Social Duties
* Politeness
* Influence of Good Character
* Family Government

Chapter 3

* Conversation
* The Care of the Person - Important Rules
* A Young Man's Personal Appearance
* Dress
* Beauty
* Sensible Helps To Beauty
* How To Keep The Bloom and Grace of Youth
* Form and Deformity
* How To Determine A Perfect Figure
* The History, Mystery and Benefits of the Corset
* Tight Lacing
* The Care of the Hair
* How to Cure Pimples or Other Facial Eruptions

Chapter 4

* Love
* The Power and Peculiarities of Love
* Amativeness or Connubial Love
* Love and Common-Sense
* What Women Love in Men
* What Men Love in Women
* History of Marriage
* Marriage
* Disadvantages of Celibacy
* Old Maids
* When and Whom To Marry
* Choose Intellectually - Love Afterward
* Love-Spats
* A Broken Heart
* Former Customs and Peculiarities Among Men
* Sensible Hints in Choosing a Partner
* Safe Hints
* Marriage Securities
* Women Who Make The Best Wives
* Advice To The Married And Unmarried
* First Love, Desertion And Divorce
* Flirting And Its Dangers
* A Word To Maidens
* Popping The Question
* The Wedding
* Advice To Newly Married Couples
* Sexual Proprieties and Improprieties
* How to Perpetuate The Honey-Moon
* How to Be a Good Wife
* How to Be a Good Husband
* Cause of Family Troubles
* Jealousy—Its Cause and Cure